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If you define liberation as being able to do the things your oppressors do without barriers, you are seeking power, not freedom.

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things to say to bugs when science finally unlocks the secrets of human-bug communication:

  1. im not hurting you i am taking you to a safe place
  2. do you eat weird crumbs cause i found some im willing to share
  3. you can bite me if you want but id rather be no-bite friends
  4. i like your big colorful eyes, very stylish
  5. please dont crawl into my sleeves
  6. (sings a duet with a cricket)

this post is about my life

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To commit to love is fundamentally to commit to a life beyond dualism. That’s why love is so sacred in a culture of domination, because it simply begins to erode your dualisms: dualisms of black and white, male and female, right and wrong.

bell hooks, “Agent of Change

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the fragility


the fragility


Can the mainstream “lgbt” community just be honest and refer to themselves as the G! l… (b???[{t? eww}]) community

what I was thinking today
is that art has always been a survival tool for me
I’m USING art, I don’t think of myself as an artist before I think of myself as a person
and if what I’m making isn’t art anymore
I don’t really care
because I’m doing what I need to to survive in my own mind

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shayle told me to google image this and I am so happy I did

shayle told me to google image this and I am so happy I did


im queer, im trans, im here to do a dans


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Support and encourage other artists support your friends as well as yourself I feel like I know a lot of people in different scenes that are out for themselves and others who are building a community and supporting others and the latter is much more effective and important yo

We are better with each other, I’m learning this again and again


김원중 & 도상우


김원중 & 도상우

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